free shipping this Week On orders over $75
free shipping this Week On orders over $75

About Us

A while back, two guys from two separate stories created a unique site for rare yet affordable Italian watches.

In general, we're into unusual timepieces that don't hurt the wallet. Specially if they come from the boot country . 

Italian watch brands have something about them that says "we care about design " and not just about functionally

Since 2014 we are the biggest official online retailer of Chotovelli & Figli .  

We deliver are own watches, Sunglasses, watch straps, and watch related accessory all over the world. We offer the most attractive shipping rates to the US and Canada and around the world, including insurance and fast delivery. While Checkout you will receive the actual shipping rates to your specific country. Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you with all inquiries.

Mail us at You can find a wider selection of watches on our watch-store by AMAZON .