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Frequently Asked Questions

Some useful info about timepieces


What is a mechanical timepiece?

A mechanical timepiece consists of cinders and gearwheels that make the watch run.


What is a manual wind up watch?

Once in a while you will have to wind up your manual watch.


What is an automatic watch?

An automatic watch is a watch that winds up automatically while it is being worn. It works without battery. The crank winds up the watch when the wrist moves. The normal amount of daily movement is enough.


What is a tourbillon timepiece?

In a tourbillon, the work is placed in a cage construction that turns around its own axis.

For watch lovers a tourbillon is a much sought after item. This discovery means that gravity no longer has any influence on the accurateness of a timepiece. Tourbillons are the highpoint of craftsmanship.


What is a quarts timepiece?

A quarts timepiece is being is driven by a battery.


What is the advantage of a mechanical watch?

The user of the watch makes it work by his own effort so the watch does not depend on a battery. A mechanical watch is a wonder of micro technology and usually consists of more than 100 different parts. The making of such a watch involves a lot of handwork so the watch is very valuable. It lasts for a very long time. A mechanical watch can still be repaired tens of years after purchase, this is mostly important when the watch was given as a gift; it holds a lot of personal feelings and memories.


What is the difference between a chronograph-watch and a chronometer?

A chronograph-watch is equipped with an extra stopwatch (start, stop, set to 0), with which you can measure time as close as 1/10 second when you work, exercise etc. A chronometer is a precise timepiece of any construction that is accurate in different situations and in different temperatures; an official certificate has been given to these watches.


What is sapphire glass?

Scratch resistance glass.